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the win win . the pretty trees open pharmacies your portal to put one local anti government forces will grow over the protest is in eastern ukraine refused to postpone a referendum planned for sunday. despite moscow has called for delay. also this up. alright lets gemini struggles to protect animal into a neo movement the field what unemployment and tensions over immigration the red planet the ambitious malls want to forget that as pioneers wedding to become the first
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human emotions sentiments and never returned to earth. fan wants to be authentic in minsk and it is located next to the twenty four hours a day. anti government protest is in eastern ukraine are refusing to dispense sunday's referendum on great to pull the meat from kenya the decision to go ahead was made by a recently formed people's councils in the main senses a long rest the cities of the next round against the russian president had called for the bridge to be delayed. of course it is convenient. what kind of a piece of the announcement that they are going to get hit with the victim made them this sunday. maybe i've been able to anyone questioning about it and that is to use a portable economy into guns and techniques that there is
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no maintained and no brain finds out that the two leading rusher. we've also heard from the people's governor often exclude has a better way to keep ties to deal with the dissatisfaction on the streets was to say that this man if he misses something that is being echoed by people i've talked to him on the streets when our focus is on preparation so that the vote will bless me pee on sunday and of course will continue to keep you update it. the moment it has emerged online image of the show in ukrainian forces opened fire on sick people and eastern town of many opal . the it is. the offense forces said that reid signaled a proposal to negotiate and started shooting. mom and the car to
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stop this man the barricades near the building was reportedly injured the ukrainian troops have encircled the city setting up and checkpoints on wednesday ukraine's interior ministry in the city which is one of the main focal points of the anti government unrest was under its control. but like a self defense forces medic to book a place to be born again full again being forced out ocean team continues to plague most good for the unfolding crisis in ukraine assistance against a victorian union said that russia still nothing to de escalate the situation report none has the details. i assistant secretary of state for torino in me had his most recent comments while testifying before the u s house committee on foreign affairs she's been speaking to them. some are for round ii two hours or so high in addition to abilene in russia accusing russia of not doing anything to solve the crisis in ukraine. she continued to reiterate america's
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commitment and support for the cool appointed government in ukraine of that support has been shown clearly in dollars mr newman says that the us has provided eighteen million dollars in non lethal assistance to keep and nine million dollars in funding to be used for the upcoming me i twenty fifth that ukrainian election and those funds should also be used according to ms hewitt for his overall relations campaign and during her testimony the us ambassador to eastern europe did acknowledge that russian president what we're putting on monday publicly called for ideas lead to violence and ask for the upcoming referendum since ukraine to be delete had no statements from the russian leader miss millie has disregarded instead she continues to accuse russia of de stabilizing ukraine russia has fear filled in on its commitments. the separatists in donetsk and hans told osce observers that they hadn't even received any messages at all from russia urging them to stand down. ms hammond
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said. baghdad the us will be judging russia by its actions not its words she also said during her testimony that rush had to stop it immediately stop i getting any support or sympathizing with this apparatus with the opposition in ukraine but that hired me as a few months ago when there was an opposition in the uprising hide in kyiv. i get the former leader you create the us supported those eyes those protesters in this case where there's a new opposition the us is not supporting them. then aaron season between chief business new europe believes it's time for us to make concessions and scrap its policy of trying to contain mosque action is taken down in the next few days. then it's going to be too late says will buy from a very nasty civil war. and on the side of the incessant it's the stupidity of the state department and in washington that way but it's so awesome it was no way i get to
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question the boxes that this boy it's been that the americans ready. upton said about scrubbing with the freedom of the stuff dissemination of ukraine the people and what's best for that so the kids in the people's best interest not to die. whereas if this is actually about. hope all of us didn't take much of the negotiations. the winners and losers. this is the case of the ukrainian people themselves on both sides but the production that provides support to us. this is jen's actions of putting the efforts of the osce each a result the crisis into question. russia's foreign ministry believes his roadmap to peace will only work if the interim government agrees to talk to protest is in the south east to west. we use its influence to put pressure on key had been returned. no presentation is confirmed russia has pulled back its troops from ukraine's borders. addressing concerns that cousins was causing instability. and as
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we've heard he also asked her what one of the protest is not to hold the referendum is sunday which the ignoring of britain said this would help create the necessary conditions for national total which he believes is crucial to finding a way out of the crisis. when you transport ministry dismissed moscow's proposal saying be displayed could think was actually a method of hiding support for terrorism. and she has rebuffed calls to halt its military operation against crime. what totally protest is and is refusing to talk to the creeps that. well let's take a look at the things that kiev has to do on his list and many of the things that he hasn't actually done. while the international community is calling for the interim government to scale back the trail for a sianz against its citizens. kid that was pushing on with its anti operations the coals in the east and the pledges to grow amnesty for those arrested in the unrest is no sign of that happening. think it was also expected to meet the demands of the osce agreed during peace talks in
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geneva. they have been ignored. despite promising to involve all sides in dundalk interim authorities and instead branded called the population in the east is nothing short of terrorists well guess is that the notables from the receipts are clueless ministry operations but give it ago i was packing anderson believes its methods of making things worse. a girl and from the onset from late february the new leadership is that there are no holes they have not made any effort to go. engage in dialogue going to regions where there is opposition only going to support it. and then when there has been a genuine grassroots opposition which sprouted up in eastern ukraine it looks like a grass roots opposition. i love these and in the military. so on both counts they are acting as if they are the legitimate government who is clinging to power will cling to some sort of
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you know the minimum mandated so i judged by the actions of the kennett government. a lot of reports from washington talking about words not actions we only have to look at how the government in kiev is behaving. so ukraine's presidential election still more than two weeks away but at least one of the candidates is already trying to take them all into his own hands. who knows note the good of friends and supporters who will visit but in the liberal war that that would afford it don't just disappear but we'll know what to do now that is likely at school. the meat of the ukrainian radical policies and a presidential nominee. he's cursing someone who wants autonomy for the penrith region. he posted this video is facebook page saying the enemies of ukraine me to be dealt with in a tough and radical way. though still to come this hour russia's combat units which missiles into the sky lines
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what has gotten kind of military exercises and accounting possible weekly attacks won't anymore. just a few minutes from now just what plans for a trillion dollars in cuts over the next decade and a declining appetite for engagement abroad. sucha payton still longs for us to increase its already massive global mini tree presents. the us is already about four hundred thousand troops in almost a hundred nations should be easy to say when in all of them and us ministry presence in asia pacific has been growing up sitting china to rebuild the region as its backyard. in europe major bases of concrete and clay set to russia's borders would be a lot of planning to deploy evil forces on the melting ice old people to cut open the next strategically important it was off the couch reports america's corn basements awarding even its allies the obama his presidency
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began with each of the bricks countries hoping to build closer ties with the us little of that sentiment remains today. four years ago the obama administration announced it skidded to a sham designed to counterbalance the growing power of china in asia pacific. among other things the us is negotiating the trans pacific trade agreement which does not include china. so son of aging feel the us has embarked on a policy of containment against that country. as an obama is recent visit to a ship bypassing china did not help india is giving washington the cold shoulder and indian diplomats was arrested in new york last year subsequently him get treated the us ambassador to india as a persona non reading the new delhi. the massive as was i to their son tested which had going on between the us and india. otherwise previously friendly nations. rozelle well delicious too could nosedive after edwards notice leaks about the nsa spying brazil's president canceled a state visit washington in protests last year. these
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emerging economies also find themselves major league under represented at the imf in terms of their voting share belgium has greater floating wait to take epo or brazil attempts to change diapers were blocked by the us congress well. escobar said pensions are deteriorating by the day it opened ukraine which was forced to choose between the west and russia moscow off the field has been subject to a policy of containment. notably all for china india brazil and south africa of st in eu landfill condemning black opal kindy and their many things that could cost the drift away from washington in each of these cases. well really what the us is attempting to do is to military threats to impose its dominance on the entire globe with that completely impossible policy. kaif has bought and i will continue to bring real resistance because every country now understands that there is an effort to
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borrow into their societies and de stabilize them. one could argue that much of attention that we see today stems from the us though not being able to embrace a multi polar world and still trying to get kate outcomes the washington based non market. and the dread that is a professor of international affairs a painstaking amnesty says america called afford to ignore all the voices now but how it is shifting to the east. i think america is on a trajectory as the declining to mind. you see it in a way that the united states deals with other important countries whether it's russia whether it's china. you see it in in how the united states as has basically got non western countries to pony up more money for it the imf and under the imf schools. those countries russia china brazil india those countries should get more. ah weighted voting authority in the imf that in
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the united states blocks. you know every form of the imf quota system to reflect that it's not non western countries they're really fun to be the odd. washington the shrine to the mosque it will bring you more news from open. the air. i was. they tortured the convicted murderer to death with a bulky strange brew of lethal injection. first his name is living and writing gasping in pain for forty minutes until it finally died of heart attack. no europeans read what i said america. oh well manufactured chemical debt the consensus is that making it won't be over. with adversity comes opportunity this could be huge growth industry for the president does so complex in america manufacturing more intimate more gruesome instruments of
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that the doors. stories. you can do. changing the world likes. eight years the kitchen . she stirred opposition leader on a visit to washington has called on the us to start supplying his forces with gleeful aid to fight the government of the knowledge of the promised he would remain in safe hands the recent pictures from syria suggests that anti government forces that already have some pretty effective with me. a massive
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loss was to read the good rev lawrence level but it will ease my guilt trips as a minute replaceable said. i don't. i said in an underground tunnel which will put his front end of the two bolts on compel the risk of attack. thousands of tsunami soldiers are believed to be killed in this expression welcome all. although syria was having a menace to the directive the anti war holds a commission to run back up. as a prom we have is people more weapons and yet we see this devastating form an intimate and suggesting perhaps the opposition really doesn't need much help the big brown that the opposition faces is not the absence of weaponry but the absence of support of wherever they've been able to hold territory the population has turned against them the warring factions within the opposition. i've turned out to be not only struggling against each other fighting each other killing each other
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ah but they seem to be a corrupt forests and doubtless living off the looting and plundering and pillaging of ordinary people. the people in syria want the ward and we conceive it to the visit by any of the syrian opposition the so called moderate opposition who in washington is a desperate effort by washington to show support for the opposition at the time that the opposition is losing battle after battle instead of syria in spite of the fact that they do have the weapon as you said to inflict a lot of casualties because this idea that the state. these weapons will get into the role has been a promise that he really had to determine which a role like this quite a civil war are up its two sides against each other two armies in all civil wars are different tendencies factions the shape of the opposition since died in syria includes the notorious forces and they have used terrorism. of course supported by the united states using proxy forces. i didn't dakar in turkey and saudi arabia to define
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chances on them but they've been carrying out actions be on the idea that there's a dichotomy between the opposition of that opposition is just a fact of fiction of that i met in the face of rising attention and media here in the us about the nature of the organizations that are plaguing the sa government but what about this initiative trying to eliminate certain chemical weapons or seen as a major diplomatic breakthrough was going to let go to waste well a heavy as we remember the russian government working with the assad government offered what was essentially a diplomatic lifeline to the obama administration which could not sustain its plans to carry out the bombing of syria in the face of global international and domestic us opposition. the syrians complied with the up with the lid of the decision to turn over those weapons the international inspectors on their way to be destroyed ah but we can say that the united states is not taken that is that as an option to to really turn the corner and begin a
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serious effort to political negotiations us is still content to top form and civil war when all the bleeding is done on the other sites areas of both sides are bleeding but the american government i doesn't really pay a price right now with how the drama has ended since the danger of a big bombing campaign. but to what i find it to foment civil war for this to cover what is the ultimate goal from your point of view that the states want is what people think this is crazy people want this to stall well goes on and on and on of course it is crazy it's so much human suffering one of the biggest human catastrophes that in modern times of what happened in the united states government was very certain that based on its color its economic and military and central intelligence agency power when they set aside would go must go. that aside when no one would fall but instead the assad government showed tenacity. both militarily and because it has a great deal of popular support and to the extent that i sighed cannot be overthrown by the opposition us government
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will take responsibility for their failed policies on seven ending and bringing it to a diplomatic settlement they just keep it going going going on. not because they really think right now that they can overthrow aside they'd like to but because they don't want to take responsibility for what will be perceived as a military and intelligence that feed on the part of the us established. from becca. so much for that. because i don't want international now running the red planet could soon become an everyday reality for a bunch of wood we earthlings an international project is aiming to establish the first human settlement on maths and tiny pond is up for an adventure it will be a one way trip. here's a quick look at how the first martian colony will be looking out the ambitious malls want what it wants to create self contained units set up for stellan to provide news and the bolivian by the settlers the idea is giving to those willing to become a real motion. let cool. the project was launched in two thousand and eleven and is set to send
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the first mission to mars in twenty twenty goal. some two hundred thousand candidates from across the good the book but to take part in this project and scientologist of a seven hundred still in the running of the six teams of four will be picked in the lucky ones will leave a pile to read about on a cargo ship and ten featuring had all their arrival. goalies this wouldn't be able to back m not physical but with two pools one for most kinds of money from the back. this has got to be kidding you at this point or has a uti that this is a one way ticket. this is something that the way the program is currently designed. if you get chosen you were not coming back howell has that affected your thought process of this and why are you both continuing to go forth with this. with that in mind that i didn't in the very beginning. one way trip it became possible the town hall. here is i'm
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not one hundred percent sure that i would jump on the ship in a planned mission was like why when shape on to lose can knit this up each is due date is the one day. oh well a trip to the future has either of you got and reached out to your national space agencies. um and try to speak with someone is actually kind of been there done that about the actual rigors of being in orbit at an interview with god. it also looks he knew he had never had it not the last apprentice the local market and cajun franca of our hero doesn't it. oh find a husband does that make children and eight at the aladdin it this month. what you think about that allison got a cell and asked about funding and
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openness to know most of the state of connecticut center was built and that's it can be better than most so i can think of the same thing. you mentioned norm that you had the bucket list so to speak. if you are finally selected as one of the finalists. not ten years basically to do with everything that you wanted you wonder for the last time what are some of the things that are tops on this list for you. i know i did it one day to day. nobody in. the we knew the new fuel into the oven in a game in the regional community with the open. he spent a week and i think this is done at the social and other teenagers. upon leaving. what do you think you would miss the most pain. i love the stuff of shell and put on the professed place my friends my family. not to apart from this i think
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it'll be nice to atl me we'll have to become all the descendants of a genome what would you miss. it is in the ninety nine am particularly when i do my job is to think and that all the silly little tokyo. you know the young men but that they know actually. oh and how have they been taking this and how of your parents in your other relatives been taking this decision. you say you wanna make. a really important. i hate that he did a bit. it may not play the lead again. do you think that mankind's future is in space and use your cells is trailblazers here. the blue and green. it should be the peanut free and paid another planet and it looks
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like a good deal. and another step towards the human colon was a shambles the us space agency post was to put a small greenhouse on the red planet. find out what's behind that idea that moment a faulty. also there in that region may be built into molten enthusiastically south eastern city that gets paid tribute to two more is that today by reconstructing a mystery quilt walk to the thirty four tank. you can take the pictures by going to be in motion section. on a website. russia's defence troops of successfully or st intercontinental ballistic missiles is called a planned retreat drills. the defence ministry said the maneuvers have nothing to do with ukraine the end of practicing methods the country's nuclear strikes. after the ruckus was a long term strategic submarines in the country specifically on the spot from the defense called retirement northern russia. the russian president is intended the summit aimed at finding ways to override massive uk
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at this time. some of abuse from around the globe now in argentina police resorted to force to disperse around one hundred state employees money the rise in pay cash for council to the workers put the march towards a government building in the country's northern czech opponent number people suffered injuries and several arrests were made. please read the clashes erupted in haiti's capital istanbul the school students. hundreds of teenagers frustrate the council crosses into the streets in the school uniforms hooking the roots and hunting role to opus is restricted to get us to rubble but its school teachers and has crosses for three days now. bemoaning the government to give them the promised increase in pay i see it every day from another guy with a nice tea with more features to the whole phenomenon into my skull isn't it about our financial systems may be torturing american industry because report. human rights
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world the room. you know we human beings are live our lives in the moment. even recent history is still history and well we are all busy so easy for the magicians of media to wave their hands around it make us forget about things that i was just a few months ago the protesters on the streets of kiev for crying out for democracy they claim that the crimes of the allco which govern prove that it was illegitimate. now that the managers of the protest movement aren't collar boy are they singing a different tune a few months ago they were crying about european values and freedom of speech now that they have the powers that be and russian tv channels for pairing they claimed that because they can get hundreds of people stormed government buildings that they were the legitimate power but no one in tiki of protesters do it well that's just mob violence when they drove a bulldozer into and through molotov cocktails at police
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we beat them in return of club that was a violation of their human rights but now look at the ikea forces protests they send in the army right sector funds to break them up or just kill them if you just take the time to stop and think back just a few months ago he see that the yet to new government is doing exactly the same things that the queues began okayy which government of doing of evil the nerve root on the end of the vote labour to parker's fascist my opinion. room getting the cd the guests among them the whole family all gathered for the nobel banquet. though. think about this some sort of. i don't
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don't have a clue as to that opinion. there have been sold so the bottle. at that. he has done in time we have concluded percent. it was fun to post the code to be an empty stomach was going on notice that the mentor you can walk to school tomorrow after bowling ball. just to see us all to the severity of the decade. it's the day some of the enemy. today i managed it. it's because morrison of the cia identity can be. . we
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are. i eye. still i did the deed of these studios here in berlin. this is the journal blood poured all the exams to be with us. it was coming out from this set just saw it in the west and who to approach an activist in eastern ukraine said he'll go ahead with a referendum on independence will go live to eat donuts the investigation told the smell of an age when asked what he testified in the end. and the first to look at germany's squad for the world


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